Vitamix vs Blendtec vs Ninja | Choose the best one!

Are you looking for the best blender within an affordable budget? There have three outstanding blenders among thousands of items that can meet your maximum requirement. These are Vitamix, Blendtec and ninja.

Blender is an amazing addition in a kitchen to make life easier and pleasant. It is a great electric device that performs best in mixing, crushing and pureeing. The blender’s variety is available in the market depending on the quality, style, brand, and price.

But Vitamix vs Blendtec vs ninja which is winner? we have researched Vitamix vs Blendtec 2021 and ninja blender to know which is better from maximum good aspects. Let’s know the comparison among these fantastic blenders.

What is Vitamix?

Vitamix is an efficient device that works as a blender, grinder, mixer, juicer and food processor. It can blend anything like hot soup or drinks the specialty of a Vitamix blender of its incredible quick performance speed.

What is Ninja?

Ninja is the most customer-rated professional blender to cut, blend and crush anything efficiently. It is designed with an auto I-Q system and special components for hot and cold items. Moreover, it is reputed for quick and smoother blending.

What is Blendtec?

Blendtec is the most advanced blender in the world that is also known as an all-in-one blender. It is efficient and tested for blending all types of food like juice, ice cream, margaritas, bread dough, dressings. Sauces and flours.

Vitamix vs Blendtec vs Ninja Comparison Table

A quick comparison chart can help you get an idea about these three blenders. So, let’s see this quick comparison before going to the detailed comparison.

FactorsVitamix 5200Ninja BL660Blendtec Total Classic
ReleasedOctober 2007September of 2013In 2016
Construction materialStainless SteelPlasticPlastic
ColorBlack, DAA and whiteGrayBlack and white
Container capacity64-ounce72 ounces75 ounces
Dimension8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5”8 x 6 x 17”7 x 8 x 15.5”
Weight10.56 pounds7.6 pounds7.28 pounds
Speed controlVariableThree speeds10-Speeds
Warranty7 yearsNo2-years

The detailed comparison on Vitamix vs Ninja vs Blendtec

Vitamix, ninja and Blendtec blenders come with individual designs, features, functions, convenience and inconvenience. Here we are reviewing this ton three blenders depending on their specific characteristics. You will get a complete idea from this review.

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Vitamix blender review

Vitamix is the most sturdy and expensive blender among our mentioned two blenders, and it is durable enough for performing over after years. You can use this device for making ice cream, blending fruits, bread and crushing ice.


Vitamix is designed with a smart outlook to adjust your kitchen appliances. The basement and blending jar both are simple and elegant to look at. Besides, the switch speed controller design is larger, visible and easy to access.


This device offers variable speed control so that you can get a result as per your requirement. It is highly adjustable to provide your needed food textures within a short time. You know that different food needs different speeds to blend, puree or crush. So, the rotating dial point is easier to get your desired food texture.


This blender is tested for quality. The cutting blade material is aircraft-grade that can easily cut the toughest ingredients. So, you can rely on the hardness of this blade because it provides the same quality blending from the beginning to the end.


It has an amazing heating function to make cold ingredients hot. At the same time, it comes with a self-cleaning, thermal protection system and radial cooling fan function.

Included component and warranty:

Vitamix comes with a motor base, 64 ounces jar, manual guide, DVD, classic tamper, 6 feet electrical cord. Do note that Vitamix is offering about 7-years of warranty.

Where does Vitamix lose?

Although Vitamix is popular to the user, it loses some customers because of having the following downside.

  • It is taller in size that is difficult to store in the overhead cabinet
  • The outlook is very professional or industrial that is not suitable for kitchen
  • It doesn’t come with a pre-programming function setting
  • You can’t easily scrape the thicker blend because of the pitcher ridges

Ninja blender review

Ninja professional blender is the most selling and affordable device among all other blenders of our review. It has come with a plastic basement and suction feet that may seem a bit lower in quality. You can use it for blending vegetables, fruits, making dough and grinding flour.


It is designed with an impressive outlook and a simple structure. The blending jar is a large capacity with has a convenient handle. It has two additional crushing jars or pitchers, and the access buttons are very smartly designed.


Ninja professional has come with a three-speed controller button and 1100-watt motor power for better performance. Moreover, there has a single-serve and pulse function.


The container and basement are made of high-quality plastic. On the contrary, the cutting blade is notably efficient to cut and blending any ingredients. You will get the smoothest drinks within a few minutes. 


The ninja blender has an extra-large jar that can make juice for a large family when it comes to the features. Also, this blender has a 72-ounce crushing pitcher and two 16-ounce cups.

Included component and warranty:

It has included an 1100-Watt Motor Base, 72 oz. It was crushing Pitcher, 2 Lid, 16 oz. Nutri Ninja Cups, To-Go Lids, Pro Extractor Blades and manual guide. Unfortunately, this blender has not come with any guarantee or warranty service.

Where does ninja lose?

Ninja is always better in quality and affordable price, but ninja has lost customers because of some common downsides.

  • Ninja has come with noise when performing.
  • It has a plastic blending jar and rubber base.
  • It doesn’t come with enough customer support from the manufacture.
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Blendtec blender review

Blendtec is an iconic blender that comes with new and improved features. First of all, it has the most powerful 1560 watts of motor power for best performance. Then Its blade is more efficient to blend anything smoothly. Moreover, you are getting up to 10 speed controlling buttons and one pulse button.


Blendtec comes with an aesthetic design that fits with your other luxurious kitchen appliances. The blending jar and machine basement both are simple but elegant. Also, the access and speed controller buttons are visible and easier to maintain.


It has ten incremental speeds with one pulse button. So, you can set up this device for making smoothies, salsa, pancake batter and hot soups, and it will provide individual speed for specific ingredients.


This blender is superior in quality wherever you look, from the plastic jar to the machine basement or cutting blend. Especially, the blade is made of 80% patented stainless steel that can make smoother juice with 10x stronger power.

why is my ninja blender single serve not working


It has a BPA-free large batch to make food for three to four persons. At the same time, you are getting a powerful 10x stronger blade for the quick and accurate blend.

Included component and warranty:

A 1570-watt motor, blunt wingtip blade is 75 oz. A four-sided jar, electric cord and manual guide are included with this machine. Also, note that Blendtec comes with a 2-years warranty for any problem with this product.

Where did Blendtec lose?

Blendtec is good in quality, affordable in price and medium at function, but it has some downside that loses its value to many customers.

  • It is designed with only two-speed controlling buttons where another blender has at least 5 to 10 buttons
  • When compare Blendtec vs Vitamix noise level, Blendtec creates louder noise than ninja
  • The jar capacity is ideal, but the blade is not best for smoothie blend
  • The design is a bit older than another modern blender style

Vitamix vs Ninja vs Blendtec: The Winner

In summary, we would say that it is essential to make sure about your requirement and ability to buy a specific blender. For example, the Vitamix blender is great in performance and durability. But Vitamix is expensive, and it needs enough space to install on the countertop. Moreover, this blender needs a significant budget.

why is my ninja blender single serve not working

Next, come to the ninja blender summary. Ninja is comparatively far affordable, but it is not professional grade at features. You may feel difficulties when trying to make smoothies from frozen food or fruits.

On the other hand, you may go with Blendtec blender because it is overall great in quality, performance and budget.

In the end, we love to say that Blendtec is a winner among these three blenders because it is professional and affordable.


  • Which is better Blendtec or Vitamix?

    Both Blendtec and Vitamix are excellent to make smoothie juice and puree within a little time. The main difference is that Blendtec comes with a more powerful motor than Vitamix blender. On the other hand, Vitamix is sturdier and more durable than Blendtec. So, what is better is depends on the user demand.

  • Is ninja louder than Vitamix?

    Yes, the ninja blender is louder than the Vitamix blender because the ninja has more blades than Vitamix. On the contrary, Vitamix basement is made with metal, yet this is quieter than a ninja.

  • What is the most reliable blender?

    Vitamix is the most reliable blender than other reputed blenders like ninja and Blendtec. However, Vitamix is expensive, so ninja is the best customer-rated and reliable blender compared to the functions, features, and price.

Final Words

In comparison to Vitamix vs ninja vs Blendtec, we discover that all blenders are great and efficient for perfect blending. But there have some significant features of each that make these special from one another.

In short, Vitamix is best for professional-grade performance, but it is expensive. And ninja is notably affordable, but it is not highly efficient for professional-quality blending. On the contrary, Blendtec is an overall performance that is affordable too.

We hope you understand about these three popular blenders that help you choose the best one per your demand.

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