What to do if you don’t have a food processor? Check The Awesome Alternatives Now!

A classy food processor can be the regular partner to cook mouth-watering dishes at home. Manual grating, mincing & shredding are obviously a hassle, and a food processor is a certain problem solver. However, What if the food processor malfunctions? What to do if you don’t have a food processor?

Hey, don’t worry! You don’t have to go through tough manual labor. Instead, we have highlighted nine functional alternatives of food processors that can sort out all of your issues at once. So, are you excited to check our list?

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What to do if you don’t have a food processor?

As you have opened our content, I believe you need an efficient food processor alternative to cook some appetizing foods for your family. That’s why we have listed effective alternatives according to the grade of convenience. Let’s not dilly dally & dive inside to ease up the culinary chores now!

Food Processing Via Devices: 

This section has listed four alternatives machines that can be used instead of a food processor.


Blender is an effective & efficient substitute for food processors. It can handle mincemeat efficiently or turn fruits into smooth juices. The central blade is responsible for grinding food into numerous small pieces.

It is best to use a blender to make fruit juice, smoothies, shakes & other items with a liquid consistency. However, many cooks prefer to prepare a bit of dry variation of these foods by blending as well. Just throw away the extra fluid through a sieve after being done with blending. 

Now you may wonder, “Can I use a blender instead of a food processor for the dough?”

Unfortunately no. A blender may save you from the hard work of grinding & mincing. However, the job of kneading dough is in no way suitable for blender. A cook should also be aware that using a blender is more time-consuming than a food processor.


“What can I use if I don’t have a food processor or blender?”

This query has surely popped up after checking our first food processor alternative, hasn’t it? Rest at ease as a quality mixer can get the job done with superior efficiency & minimum effort. 

In the modern market, there are different types of mixers, including electric mixers & handheld mixers. Many professional bakers prefer to beat eggs & beating ingredients with handheld mixers.  Both types of mixers are highly compact, and so cooks won’t face any storage issues.


Chopping & slicing is one of the major functions of a food processor. A professional cook will definitely feel the absence of a food processor in his kitchen. However, a chopper will definitely come in handy.

Sometimes a cook just needs to chop some veggies, and setting up the whole food processor for chopping might feel like a hassle. A chopper will save his time in this context. Just provide the food & wait for the chopped pieces. It is that easy & simple!


Lastly, the device we have picked is a grinder as a blender substitute. Grinders have been the choice of cooks since the 19th century. Eventually, grinders evolved and ultimately came up as a compact electric device in this decade.

Are you worried about mincing, crushing, or smashing? Then choose a grinder as a substitute because it will mince the meat and mash smoothly. 

In an overall comparison, grinders weigh more than regular blenders or mixers. So, be aware of placing it in a convenient place.

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Food Processing By Hand

What if you don’t have any of these devices at hand? Here we have got several tricks to sort your issue before moving on to the manual processing. So, are you ready?


Most cooks love a food processor as it has a wide range of functions. A grater is not that versatile. However, if you own a mincing machine, a 

graters will be a piece of useful equipment to cut up the meat for later procedures.

Be careful while handling & holding the grater. Injuries while sliding through its sharp edges are very common. Also, keep in mind that a grater will consume more time than a premium food processor. So, be prepared to adjust the schedule.

Mortar and pestle: 

If it’s a cook of the Asian region, he must have come across mortar & pasties. It has been part of their culture for centuries. Now, western culinary enthusiasts adopted it to take the flavors to an upgraded level. As it’s close to a manual solution, it will take a lot of time & effort. Rest assured that the results will certainly be satisfactory.

Rolling Pin & Plastic Bag: 

It’s a simple yet effective food processor substitute. Firstly, keep the food in the bag and seal it entirely. Now, apply the pin and start crushing to produce the perfect pulp. Such a method is highly suitable for crispy items like chips & cookies.


What if you don’t have a food processor for pie crust? 

Many cooks never attempt to make pie crust just because they don’t own a food processor. However, all he needs is a pair of knives or a fork.

Other than that, knives are pretty functional for regular chopping jobs. Obviously, they are complicated and suck up a lot of time, sweat and effort. Likewise, if a cook doesn’t have other options available, why won’t he try the knives instead?


Cooking or boiling for mashing is also a nice option. Obviously, it’s time-consuming but still a passable alternative. Cook the food to the extent that it will be squished due to heat. For a bit fast results, using a fork or masher would be a great choice. Professionals prefer this technique, especially for preparing veggie pulps or mashed fruits.


Is a food processor really necessary? 

Food processors are really functional and versatile whether you want to chop, blend, mesh, or mince.However, it’s not like a cook can’t go without a food processor. There are plenty of alternatives to be used, such as blender, mixer, chopper, grater, and many more.

Can I use a blender instead of a food processor? 

Yes, the blender is obviously an effective food processor alternative. Likewise, it is mostly suitable for preparing liquid items like shakes, juice, or smoothies. 

Wrapping Up!

It is certain that food processors are extremely efficient. Every newbie cook out there wonders, “What to do if you don’t have a food processor?” After going through our content, I believe you are not that wary like before. That’s why we have presented many food processor substitutes, including viable devices and effective tricks. So, do you want to apply our tricks to prepare some mouth-watering dishes within a reasonable time?

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