Welcome to topkitchenlab! We are happy to hear that you are interested to know about our services. I am David A john, a bachelor in consumer behavior and studies, and I love to research and study daily needed kitchen appliances. In my academic career, I have been very passionate about product-based customer needs. Even I have done many case studies on this subject. 

I noticed that the general consumer is very frustrated with purchasing kitchen appliance products because there are unlimited brands in the market, and all are not good. Since then, one of my dreams has been to research the necessary tools in the kitchen and help the average consumer with a good product list.

Not only that, I love to research the using techniques of versatile kitchen appliances like juicer, oven, cooker, blender and many more. A lot of new users is often confused to use those tools as a beginner. So, I studied how to use and maintain the necessary kitchen tools. 

Because of the above reason, I make this topkitchenlab free blog. Luckily, I have a team with some eagerly interested volunteers who love to work with me. Most importantly, we have been working on this project for a few years and providing many helpful tips and tricks. 

Also, we are reviewing on top notches kitchen products in the market. So, a consumer can easily get an idea about a good quality product. We believe that our efforts will be helpful to all. 

What we are

We are an experienced volunteer team and working for few years in this sector. Every day of our lives involves kitchen utensils, and even a single day, we can’t go on without kitchen gear. Everything from chopping, blending to cooking is related to kitchen appliances. 

Since kitchen tools and gear are fairly expensive, so the consumer has to pay enough behind those. If someone invests in the wrong product, then it will be painful. So, our goal is to research the right products and introduce them to consumers.

Not only that, we know that a user may encounter many types of mechanical errors while using Electric products. So, we provide a lot of information on our topkitchenlab blog to get the right direction of using a product. In general, our goal is to work to solve the problems of ordinary people.

What we do

We research kitchen appliance product quality, brand and customer feedback. At the same time, we analysis on using the process of top products. Then, we write a blog post on several top products using process and maintenance. Moreover, we provide common product problems and easy solutions. 

In the case of each product, we give priority to manufacturer guides and existing customer reviews. We write reviews only by selecting the products that have good reviews. As well as, we also discuss the downside of the product. It allows the consumer to compare the product to its exact value. 

Moreover, we categorize anything as per the consumer demand and budget. All consumer doesn’t have a higher budget to buy an expensive product. In those cases, we have a special review list of affordable and quality products. 

How we work:

We have specialized writers, reviewers, researchers and editors to analysis on specific topics. And each of our team members is an expert in this sector, and they have depth knowledge of kitchen appliances. Hence, we always follow the trends, advanced production, new release products and technological improvements. Later we discuss these issues with the team members and share the work with everyone per the sector. 

Everyone in the team collects data in a specific sector, and we all review it and then include it on the website. We consider the product popularity, quality and cost to decide the best product. 

Why Trust Us?


We believe in 100% accuracy in our research. And we have a special qualified expert editors’ team to justify our research quality and depthless. They check our information over again over before publishing. We also discuss with the quality testing company of Kitchen Appliances. These factors make us trustworthy to the general consumer. 

Affiliate Disclosure

Also, know that we are attending several affiliate marketing programs. That means we use a retailer product link on our website, from which we receive a very small commission on the sale of the product. However, this commission has not had any impact on the consumer. We even evaluate users’ independent choices when choosing a product. Our first goal is to provide information that will satisfy Topkitchenlab’s visitors. 

The author

David A john is a passionate researcher in the kitchen appliance and consumer behavior sector from Florida in America. He loves to play cricket, hockey and often loves to travel to traditional places in America. However, he is eagerly interested in passing his time in research work.  

If you’d like to get in touch with us, please contact us here!

Wish you all the best!