How to make a Herbalife shake in a blender? Can I make  Herbalife shake without a blender? Can I add fruit to my Herbalife shake? How to make a hot Herbalife shake? Some common questions as expected from a health enthusiast. 

Don’t be restless anymore. Because to give all the answers to your questions,  we are here. Here in this content, we will give you all the necessary details about making Herbalife shake.  

Well, you can make Herbalife shake without using a blender.  But here we will tell you the step-by-step process of making Herbalife shake using a blender. Using a blender can save lots of time and you will get the lip-smacking taste in no time.  Then, let’s get started.


 Herbalife’s shakes help to lose weight by reducing calorie intake. Herbalife shakes formula 1 is packed with vitamins and minerals. However, making this in a blender is not tough at all. Just following the given steps you can make a tongue soothing shake easily.  

Well, Before starting with the steps, you need to know the ingredient with which you will make the shake. The ingredients are –

  • Water/Milk 
  • Herbalife powder formula 1
  • Protein powder(Optional)
  • Ice cubes/fruits
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Pour water into the blender

The first thing we need to make Herbalife shake is water. Now it depends on you how much water you are going to use. Some consider thicker shakes and others like liquid-like shakes.  If you prefer thicker shakes, add 8 ounces of water to the blender. If you want liquidy, add more water. It depends on you. Now you can also use fatless milk or soy milk instead of the same amount of water.

Add Herbalife formula 1 powder 

After pouring water/milk, add Herbalife formula 1 powder to it. Formula 1 comes in 11 flavours with different colours.  You can also make new flavours by adding two flavours together. But always add 2 scoops of Herbalife powder for a single serving shake.  Experiment and try the shake with different flavours. 

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Add protein powder

For formula 1, you need to add protein powder in it. This protein powder contains 15 grams of protein. These come in three different flavours-vanilla, chocolate, and peanut cookies. The protein powders will keep you full.  Well, the measurement is important for making a healthy Herbalife shake. Add 1 scoop of protein powder to it.   But in the beginning, some need 2 scoops of protein powder.  For proper measurement, consult with your coach.

Add ice cubes/fruits

Add 3-5 cubes of ice if you want a thicker shake. But if you want to make a liquid shake, add more cubes. You have your independence here.  You can also add fruits to get a smoothie-style shake. If you add fruits, don’t forget to calculate the caloric values of the fruit. 

Blend Properly 

Now it’s time for the shake to blend. This is the step that will ensure your shake’s perfect consistency. You can shake the mixture for a little bit before adding ice cubes into it for a little bit of time. But it is optional.  However, after adding the ice cubes, blend the mixture for about 10 to 30 seconds. After that, your shake will be ready to serve you the nutrition. 

Now pour this healthy and delicious shake into the glass. Have it with a spoon if it is thick enough or drink it.  You can have this shake in the replacement of 2 meals in a day.

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It is very common for us to get bored with the same type of taste. For this, you can change the texture or temperature of the shake. You can make your Herbalife shake hot. For this at first, in a mug put the Herbalife powder and pour some tablespoon of cold milk. Then whisk it with a whisk or fork a couple of times.  After that, you can either pour lukewarm milk into the mixture. Or, you can slowly pour the mixture into the milk while stirring it. But avoid using hot water. In this way, you can get a hot Herbalife shake.  A little advice: remember the caloric values of different add-ons and be creative with your food. 


Can you blend Herbalife shakes?

Yes, you can blend Herbalife shakes.  Formula 1 of Herbalife shake can be blended with milk/ soy milk or water and with protein drink mix.  

Do you need a blender to make Herbalife shakes? 

You can make your Herbalife shake with no blender. The best no blender Herbalife shake in formula 1 can be made with mint chocolate, cookies and cream.

What is the best blender for Herbalife shakes?

Blender doesn’t matter for Herbalife shakes. You can either use a high-end expensive blender Blendtec or a cheaper blender nutribullet. 

How do I make my Herbalife shake thicker?

To make your shake thicker, you can add 3 to 5 ice cubes.  After that, blend at a slow speed for a few minutes. You can also contact your Herbalife independent nutrition distributor or your coach about it. You can also add fruits, seeds to make it thick. 


Herbalife shake can be used for many recipes(pancake, muffin, pudding etc). Keep experimenting with your food and find the best way to treat yourself as well as getting the proper nutrition.

However, one last but most important piece of advice is to check the product label properly. The labels will give you detailed nutrition benefits and other instructions. We are grateful to have you till the very end. Good luck with your healthy life. 

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