What Is More Efficient Gas Or Electric Stove

Whether you are cooking vegetables or baking cakes, your kitchen appliances have a daily workout. It doesn’t matter what type of dish you are cooking, a large amount of energy is consumed by both electric and gas stoves, ovens and others. 

Now, buying any type of stove and oven is a one-minute decision. But when it comes to the question of efficiency, it needs a bit of research. 

For that reason, we are here with this article on What Is More Efficient Gas Or Electric Stove? We will try to give the necessary information about the efficiency of these two types of stoves. Not only that, we have a bonus too. Then let’s get started. 

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Which Is More Efficient Gas Or Electric Stove

Well, which is more energy efficient: Gas or Electric range? A very tough question to reply to.But in the long debate between gas and electric stoves, a Gas stove can be considered more efficient than electric stoves. Because electric stoves take more energy to transform electricity to heat for cooking. But the bottom line is it depends upon you. Because while you are buying, you will consider your comfort, kitchen cooktops and what type of dish you are cooking. 

We will try to give you a satisfactory reply to your query by showing you comparisons between Gas and Electric stove.

Comparison: Gas Stove and Electric Stove

Let’s see the comparison below-

Home Capability & Installation:

  • Gas stoves require a gas line. The installation of gas stoves is not easy. Many houses may not have the arrangements of installing gas stoves. Again, it is a time-consuming process. Moreover, lack of gas and leak of gas turns into a headache at a time.
  • Electric stoves Require only an outlet, which will be easy to find in all houses. If not, the installation is very easy compared to the Gas stove. 

Heat Control:

  • Gas stoves are more capable of controlling heat than electric stoves. They have different types of control over temperatures for cooking. Such as Charring, toasting and flambeing and so on. The gas-powered cooking appliance will act more quickly as the flame comes from beneath the pan and spreads equally.

Again gas stoves have knobs and you can change the flames according to your need. 

  • Electric stoves on the other hand do not have this kind of technique. Electric stoves have limited settings and do not respond immediately after adjusting the temperature.  Again, an electric pot will directly sit on the heat source and can reach a higher temperature than gas. 


There can be a big argument on the fact of safety issues. 

  • According to some people, Gas stoves are not the same as electric stoves. Because gas stoves deal with open flames. So there is a big possibility of fire.  Electric stoves can also cause fires, but the chances are lower than gas stoves. Gas stoves also have the danger of gas leaks. Gas won’t leak, if the installation is faultless, but has a possibility.

So if you are using a gas stove, keep a carbon monoxide detector and ensure all knobs are turned off. 

  • Electric stoves are considered safer than Gas stoves. As electric stoves do not work directly with flames. So there is no chance of fire or leaking.  But Electric stoves can also be dangerous as you can’t get any warning about how hot your burner is getting. 


  • Gas stoves have specialised vents on the sides of the appliance. As a result, they have the advantage of faster preheating and cooking. 
  • Electric stoves tend to follow a cycle between bake and broil. So they are not that efficient compared to Gas stoves in this case. 


  • Gas stoves have removable grates and burners. So you can clean them easily by removing them.
  • Electric Stoves are way ahead of Gas stoves in this case. Electric stoves are easy to clean, operate and care for.  The flat glass top of the Electric stove can easily be cleared with some dish soap and a wipe. If you find any food stuck in it, then it requires a scrub of baking soda or any minimal abrasion to clean it. 


Gas and electric stoves are quite similar in price. They can be got in the range of 700$-1700$. But the operational cost is different.  Though utility cost varies from state to state, statistically a gas stove is 10-13% cheaper than electric gas stoves. Gas stoves are cheaper as well as use more energy. So the bottom line is, Electric stoves are cheaper than Gas stoves based on use and operation. 

For your better perception, we have added the pros and cons of the two stoves below. 

PROS AND CONS: Gas Stove & Electric Stove 

There is no unmixed good in the world. The case is the same for Gas and Electric stove. Let us see the positive and negative sides of Gas and Electric stove at a glance-

Gas Stove 


  • More energy efficient
  • Takes less time for cooking
  • Ideal for experienced cooks
  • Can be used in a power outage
  • Easier heat control


  • If the Gas stove doesn’t have an exhaust hood, indoor air quality is hampered.

Electric Stove 


  • Will turn off instantly
  • No danger of leakage
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install


  • Electric coils and elements are not heated efficiently
  • The self-cleaning mode consumes a lot of energy
  • Not energy efficient compared to Gas stove 

This will be helpful for you to make a decision. 

Energy efficiency: Gas Stove VS Electric stove

This is a heavy topic to discuss. Well, If you look at the comparison between two gas stoves, you will find one easy to install, but the other saves energy. Gas stoves, ovens and other gas-based kitchen appliances are way more efficient than electric-based kitchen appliances. So, let us discuss it in points-

  • Electric stoves of today are well organized, fashionable and stylish. They are easy to clean, operate and install. Moreover, they offer sufficient places that even gas stoves don’t. If you don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen, then an electric stove is the best option for you.

On the other hand, If you have a proper system in your house for gas stoves, then gas stoves tend to flame more heavily. As the flame spreads beneath the pot and also from each side.  Again, any time you turn on the knob, the flame rises instantly and stays at a constant rate. Again, experienced cooks prefer gas stoves for cooking. 

  • A gas stove tends to save your money. When cooking on gas, the majority of energy transfers to your food directly. It takes almost 3 times to produce the energy in Electric stove. But if you use a Gas stove, only half of the energy is needed to operate. So using Gas stoves save your money in the long term of use. Your final bill will be formulated based on how much time you are spending on cooking.  
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So it can be said, Gas stoves are way more efficient than electric stoves. But again, it comes with the question of your comfort, use and cooking style. 

Now we have a bonus for you!

Bonus: Induction

Another great cooking appliance is Induction. If you are conscious about safety and energy-efficient stove, then Induction should also be counted on the race. They are versatile, dependable, easy to clean and safe to use.

Not only that, you can cook at a higher and faster rate with profound temperature control in Inductions. In inductions, the current is directly transferred to the pot for cooking.  

We have shared all details related to Gas and Electric Stove, with a bonus Induction. Now the decision is up to you. Because you are going to cook, you should choose what goes best for you.

Let us go through some Q & A related to the topic of energy efficiency.


Which Is Better Gas Stove Or Electric Stove?

Both gas and electric stoves have advantages as well as disadvantages. It depends upon you; what you cook and how you cook. Gas stoves serve well with heat control for cooking, frying. On the other hand, an electric stove is good for baking. 

Is Gas Or Electric Cheaper To Cook With?

It is cheaper to cook with Gas. As of 6p per KWH costs for gas, whereas it is 12p per KWH for electric stoves. 

What Is More Efficient: A Gas Or Electric Oven?

Usually, Gas and Electric both are efficient in their ways of cooking.  Gas is cheaper than an electric stove. Again heat control is good at the Gas stove. Again cleanliness is easy for electric stoves. So efficiency depends upon you. 

Is Gas Cooking More Efficient Than Electric?

Gas stoves, gas cooktops and gas ovens are undoubtedly more efficient than electric ones. Because, while cooking in the Gas stove, energy is directly transferred to food. 

Final Words

Now, have you decided, What is more, efficient Gas or Electric stove?

Well, we again say, there is no unmixed good in the world. The same goes for the Gas and Electric stove. So choose one to your preference. And use it carefully. 

Finally, remember to turn off the power supply after every use of your preferred stoves. Because we have only the earth to live and save. Have a good day!

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