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“Damn it! Burned again.” There goes your second batch of cakes. Now what’s even worse, you have started to think of yourself as a terrible cook. 

In despair, you may wonder, is there any problem with my recipe? The procedure said, about 350 degrees celsius of the oven temperature. What have I done wrong? Is there any problem of oven temperature? I have a questions in my mind so how to Cheer up and take a breath.  Here in this content, we will give you all the necessary tips about how to adjust oven temperature on a gas stove.

how to adjust
how to adjust

Well, the perfect recipe depends not only on the recipe but also on its cooking procedure. Adjusting the oven temperature on a gas stove is important. Well, in this type of situation,  adjusting the oven temperature knob, gas oven thermostat adjustment, gas oven without temperature control, how to set the oven temperature for cake drives you like crazy, right?

Cheer up and take a breath.  Here in this content, we will give you all the necessary tips about adjusting oven temperature.  

How To Adjust Oven Temperature On  Gas Stove

The gas oven works by a gas-fueled burner. This mechanism needs a constant supply of natural gas to operate properly.  The gas is lightened up by either a spark or a small pilot flame. It depends on the model. 

Every oven is different. If your new oven doesn’t match your old oven temperature setting, don’t cook the same way as the old one, you can calibrate the temperature. But learning a new oven indeed takes time. And unbaked cakes, burned cakes, cookies continue. 

For this procedure you need –

  • A thermometer
  • A screwdriver

Let’s get started with the procedure-


The best way to start is to get familiar with your oven. Learn the preheat temperature, cold spots, hot spots and others. The most important factor is to check if you are cooking at the temperature you have set.  For this, you need a thermometer. You can also use the digital oven thermometer.

Checking the average temperature is not hard work to do. For this, you have to

  • Select one of the middle racks of the oven
  • Adjust the oven thermometer in the center of the oven
  • Set the oven temperature to 350 for 10-15 minutes
  • Check the temperature in the thermometer

Now, look at the thermometer. What temperature it shows? If it shows 470 in it, you must adjust the temperature to lower and vice-versa.

how to adjust


Adjusting the temperature of the oven on gas stoves also depends on the particular model you have. For this reason before calibration of the temperature, go through the manual carefully.


  • Pull of the dial knob
  • You will see a small set of screws with a dial in the middle. On one side of the dial, cooler is indicated and hotter is on the other side. 
  • Use a screwdriver or plier to turn the screws in your desired indication.  If your oven overheats then move the screw toward cooler, if undercooks then toward hotter.
  •  Replace the knob by tightening the knobs.


For this type of oven, you can find instructions for your particular oven in your owner’s manual. 

In Incase of GE oven-

  • Press the bake and broil button at the same time, until SF comes
  • Then press bake again and two zeroes(00) will show up
  • Use the up and down button to change the oven’s temperature accordingly
  • Press the start button and save it 

Do these two steps turn by turn, to get the perfect internal temperature of your oven. 

Here we have described the ways in general. For better results, read the instructions in the manual carefully. Because every oven has different types of features.


If you know the accuracy of your oven’s temperature, you can easily predict your cake’s result.  If your cake recipe went wrong, check the internal temperature of your oven.

First, preheat the oven and prepare your baking pan for 20-25 minutes. It must be done before mixing the batter. If you are making small cakes, then grease the pan properly. The cake bakes perfectly between 325 to 450 degrees. Use the correct oven temperature using one or more thermometers and place the pan in the center of the oven. In most cases, ovens are adjusted incorrectly, leaving you no clue at which temperature you are baking.

Other factors you need to consider are the type of your oven and pan size.  The type(gas oven, electric oven, microwave oven etc) of the oven and its age play an important role in baking a perfect cake.  The general rule for baking cake the bigger the pan you are using, the lower the temperature of the oven. 

Follow all these basic cake baking tips and eventually, you will become an expert in cake baking. 


How do you adjust the temperature on a gas oven?

You need a thermometer to measure the average temperature. Then, pull off the knob dial. After removing the knob, loose screws on the knob in the marking direction. Then, turn the screw inside the shaft of the thermostat with a small screwdriver. Adjust the dial again. 

How do I fix my oven temperature?

For fixing oven temperature with knob controls -pull off the temperature knob, lose the screws enough to move them toward the  hotter or cooler indication.  Replace the knob by tightening the knobs.If your oven is with push buttons, then press the back button until 0 comes, use arrow keys to increase/decrease temperature. Lastly, press the Bake button to exit without saving.

How do you adjust baking time and temperature?

Decide the difference between the temperatures you need to cook. According to the percentage, calculate the time needed for cooking. If 50 minutes are needed, then check your food in 45 minutes in case it is burning or not. Other factors to consider- opening and closing the door of the oven, dropping the temperature and increasing the cooking time. 


If you are reading this, then we are grateful to have you in the full way of how to adjust oven temperature on gas stove

 Everybody in this world wants to be perfect and also wants to do everything perfectly. We want all foodies to be satisfied with their cooking in their own way with a little cautiousness. We tried to give all the necessary details about adjusting the oven temperature of a gas stove.

Well, in the end,  here is a little bit of advice: after you finish your cooking, don’t forget to turn off the stove or power supply. Because we got only one earth to live and save. 

Today our discussion has come to an end. But we assure you to get the perfect and desired food in the above-mentioned way. Good luck with the success of your lip-smacking food! 

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