Ambiano professional blender review

Are you looking for a high-performance food bender? Ambiano is an impressive blender to extract maximum nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. It is compatible with making ice crush, smoothies, juice, nuts, coffee bean and herbs blending. 

An ambiano blender comes uniquely with a powerful motor, versatile blades and various sizes of cups. Overall, this blender has amazing features and functions that a machine can provide most.

But without analyzing an ambiano professional blender review, it would be tricky to get a perfect one. In this guide, we will review on magic bullet blender that is mostly the same as an ambiano blender.

Ambiano professional Blender Review (Magic Bullet)

Ambiano professional blender

Magic bullet blender is also known as an ambiano professional nutrition blender. It is an incredibly best-selling product that has already sold more than forty million items. Not only that, it is much faster than other regular blenders and can do anything within ten seconds. 

This blend has come with versatile functions for chopping, mixing, blending, whipping and grinding. The heavy-duty performance, easy to access feature and minimum setup space requirement makes this blender and mixer more popular.

Hence, the unique design, compacted size, smoother blending performance are amazing. Also, know that a magic bullet blender can make the smoothest milkshake, juice and soup. This great item is also easier to clean and dry. In a word, the uniqueness of this blender is its versatile blade and bullet shape that is not comparable with other items. 


The item dimension is 13.19 x 6.93 x 10.63 inches, and the weight is 4.13 pounds. As well as note the required voltage is 120. Its construction is a transparent and durable plastic that you will get available in silver and black color combinations. 

Key Features:

  • It arrives as a complete package of 11 pieces set with blender, additional blades, cups and recipe book. 
  • Magic bullet blender is versatile for chop, mixing, blending and grinding.
  • The cup’s material is highly durable and BPA free plastic
  • It has a 250-watt high-torque power base that can easily make smoothie food. 
  • Including an easy recipe book that helps you to make unique, delicious food. 
  • The special blade design allows for blending anything with a faster speed.
It is compacted and needs a little counter space for setupIt is less effective for frozen foods
Faster speed can cut and blend anything within ten secondsThe ice cube may not be perfectly smooth for drinking 
Ambiano portable blender is easier to carry anywhere. It can create a little bit of noise after a few months of use. 
Versatile features and functions  
Cross-cutting blades and added cups have come with it. 
Durable construction with sturdy plastic.   
Easier to clean and dry 

The buying guide with most considering variables

It is highly recommended to make sure about the features of an ambiano professional blender. Here are the important variables for an ambiano smoothie maker.


Usually, a food blender comes with 3 cups to 14 ambiano blender cup sizes. So, make sure what size you require. However, blender size also has an impact on the countertop space. If you do have not enough space, then go with a compacted blender. Luckily, the ambiano blender has come in a compact size. 

Speed and power:

If your blender comes with a powerful motor, then it must have a faster speed. The motor power has a great impact on the blender speed. On the other hand, the blending speed may decrease because of the less powerful motor. We recommend choosing a blender with a 3 to 10-speed setting. Also, remember that a 500-watt blender is good enough for a kitchen blender. 

Including components:

Ambiano comes with all required components like blades, cups, blending machine. Even it has a special blade for blending and mixing. So, check out the components before purchasing. 


It would help if you spent a standard cost to get the right blending machine. There are a lot of good-quality blenders in the medium price range. So, it will be best to fix your budget and go with a model. 

Cleaning and care of ambiano blender

  • Never disassemble and remove the integrated blades for proper cleaning. If you do so, the warranty will not be applicable, and your ambiano blender not working you will see.
  • Do not dive the basement of the blender into water or liquid that can damage the motor. You can wipe the base properly. 
  • Never use an alcohol-based chemical like alkaline for blender cleaning. Also, avoid using scouring pads or hard brushes for cleaning. 


1)   Can I use an ambiano professional blender without using a  measuring cup?

Yes, you can use the blender without the measuring cup, but you will require a plunger inside the food processing machine. Also, know that the pouring hole will cover whatever you are using a plunger or measuring cup with the lid. 

2)   Can I remove the blades from the ambiano blender for cleaning?

Blades are the built-in function of a blender, and it is not good practice to remove blades for cleaning. You can put some detergent and water into the blender, then let it blend for a few cycles. Rotation will clean your blender blades very well.

3)   What is the best way to make a creamy paste for baby food?

It is essential to know how to use ambiano blender for different foods. In the case of puree cooked vegetables, it is good to put the food in small portions. Never add all ingredients together. However, you can add some water as per the vegetables or food type. You can get a very good creamy paste if you put food in a blender little by little. 

4)   How much should someone spend on a blender?

It depends on your budget and requirements. For example, a personal plastic blender is available for $30. On the other hand, there are several multi-functional blenders within $500. A higher price means versatile features and functions. 

Final Word:

Here is the ending of our Ambiano professional blender review. We cordially believe that you will benefit from this blender cum mixer as a million of millions of users get happy before.

However, we recommend you read the buying guide to know the features that the ambiano blender offers. Always go with a product that can complete all of your food processing requirements. Never compromise with any lacking.

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