Difference between a Juicer and a Blender । Choose the best one

We all know fruits and vegetables are good for health and the juice and smoothie industry is becoming a major sector in the USA. For making juice we normally use a juicer and blender. We use both of them according to their convenience. But the thing is, we should always choose the one blenders vs juicers according to their nutrition consuming ability.

The vital question comes to our mind, what is the difference between a juicer and a blender. The misconception most of us always have about juicer or blender is that we think juicing and blending are the same. This misconception leads us to a situation where we blame the blender or juicer for their performance.

Here, we’ll let you know about the difference between a blender and a juicer and their benefits and disadvantages. Also for your convenience, we’ll discuss the nutrition facts for both juicer and blender.

Is Blender The same as Juicer

what’s the difference between a juicer and a blender is a common question. Using a blender hardly leaves any waste. Also blenders are relatively fast and easy to use. Furthermore, using a blender you can make soups, dips, sauces , cocktails etc. So blender is pretty versatile.

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If you want to improve the taste and the balanced nutrients should be right in ratio. Although, this bitty and gloomy drink may seem disgusting to you. To tell specifically, blender blends vegetables and fruits fiber. Fiber makes the drink thicker and longer to digest. But you’ll get all the nutrients from vegetables and fruits.

In contrast, juicer separates the fiber from vegetables and fruits. As a result, you’ll get a thinner layer of juice and digestion time is much shorter. In a cup, you will be more if you use a juicer.

The juicer extracts juice from the vegetables and ingredients you’ll put into it. But the beautiful fact is juicer leaves pulp and produces smooth juice. Also, Juicer needs a fair amount of vegetables or fruits to make juice. The waste from the pulp should be cleaned after using the juicer.

Difference between a Juicer and a Blender: Which is Better

You’ll get confused hearing about the convenience and limitations about juicers and blenders. Many people say juicer produces so much waste and it will cost much for making any juice. In contrast, blender produces more juice with less nutrients. Now let’s go through the Benefits of them.

Benefits of Blending

If you use a vegetable juicer blender probably you don’t need to think about the wattage too much. You can put the entire fruit into the blender and no matter which fibrous pulm you have thrown into it, ultimately the final product you’ll get is juice.

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Prevents Sugar High

The amount of sugar in a juicer’s juice is far more than blender’s juice. But the problem is we should det sugar slowly. That’s why blender’s juice is better for preventing sugar high and it will make your stomach full.

Better for Digestion

use blender as juicer sometimes seems a better option because the fiber of the pulp works like a broom which sweeps your digestive system. It also prevents toxins.

Benefits of Juicing

Juice without the fibrous pulp is much more enjoyable to drink and tasty also. The minerals and vitamins in the juice are absorbed by your body quite easily. Your body feels much more refreshed after drinking juice produced from a juicer.

Fast Digestion

No fibrous pulm offers better digestion and digestion problems. Smoothie juice from a juicer gives the digestive system a break without having the essential nutrients.

More Nutrients in the Same volume of Glass

 can i use a blender instead of a juicer? Yes you can, but in the same volume of a glass, if you get juice from a juicer and a blender, more nutrients will be available in the glass where you got juice from.

Types of Juicer

So far we have talked about the differences between juicer and blender, it’s time to go through some different juicers and blenders.

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Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicer works from the centrifugal force which is produced by a spinning metal blade. The metal blades press the fruits or vegetables against the strainer and then pulp go through the disposal line and juice is stored into a container.

You’ll get many centrifugal juicers across the country, but most of them are affordable. They are enough to do your home juices and office juices. But not suitable for heavy duty. Also the heat generated from the spinning blades demolishes some of the nutrients. Those who are looking for cheap juicers should see these juicers.

Masticating Juicer

It works like a wrestler. Masticating juicer presses and crushes the fruits and vegetables and extracts the juice. Masticating juicers are popular for their longer juicing time. But no matter how long they need, these machines extract the most nutrients from the fruits and vegetables.

Still, besides their efficiency in nutrients, masticating juicers are less popular among us because of its sluggish process and expensive price. The juicer is more suitable for the dedicated persons who are really eager to get the benefits from the fruits and vegetables.

Types of Blender

Jug Blender

I guess you all have seen the jug blender in the kitchen. Moreover, jug blenders were popular for making smoothies. But the cheaper jug blenders are not suitable for heavy duty and harder vegetables. If you can get well-known jug blenders, nuts and fruits will be suitable for the blender job. The more you will put into the jug blender it will blend more exquisitely.

So, jug blenders are perfect for bulk blending and versatile purposes. Go through nutri ninja vs juicer over the internet and you’ll understand why Ninja jug blender works better for juicing.

Single Serving Cup Blender

It’s a new type of blender and well-known as Nutribullet blender. The most convenient thing about this blender is the detachable lidded cup. You have to add fruits and vegetables directly into the cup and then attach the blades. Once blending is done, simply detach the blades and lid and pour the drink into a glass. Suitable for small families.

Facts Plays a Vital Role for Blender and Juicer

Before selecting any juicer or blender, you must know which one will be more convenient for you and for your health. Let’s see them.,

Concentration of Nutrients

For making juice of fruits and vegetables, you should always keep in mind about concentration. Blenders are efficient for smoothies and ensure less nutrients. But Blender prevents high sugar. In contrast, Juicer will provide you with the best possible juice with more nutrients.

Fiber of the Fruits and vegetables

Compare between juicer vs blender vs food processor and you’ll know which provides more fiber for proper digestion. If you use a blender and blend fruits like green beans, carrots, apples, they will slow down your digestion and will ensure a better digestion. On the other hand, Juicers ensure soft and thin drinks which faster digestion.


Is it better to Juice or blend?

 both are better, but if you are very health conscious and need more nutrients, then juicer is a better option for you. On the other hand, if you need to slow down your digestion, blender is better. Also the belder doesn’t produce any waste.

Which is healthier blender or juicer?

both are healthier, but juicer ensures more nutrients than blenders. Also if you are not comfortable drinking the smoothies and fibrous drink, then juicer is a better option.

So, Juicer or Blender?

So far, we have gone through the details of blender and juicers. I guess, you already selected your preferable one as you know how differently they work. Hopefully both blender and juicers will give you and your family the nutrients you want.

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