Why Is My Ninja Blender Single Serve Not Working | With Fixes

Suppose, when you go to plug the blender in and suddenly face that it won’t run. You may now think, what’s going on? Almost every ninja blender has a single server that may damage or stop working for lack of connections. Well, it may also happen if the blender capacitor gets damaged or destroyed manually. 

There are many rare cases except this. So it’s natural, you may now ask, why is my ninja blender single serve not working? The reason behind this culprit is multiple. But we discuss all of the major reasons and their fixes as all aspects. So, let us get started. 

Possible Reasons Of Ninja Blender Single Serve Not Working

Ninja blender is undoubtedly the most popular liquid mixer compared to others. But when someone asks if my ninja blender turns on but won’t blend, the symptoms indicate the single-serve issues. To make it more clear, we attached below a table indeed.

Reason Behind The Single Serve TroubleshootingPossible Fixes
Assemble the single serve blades incorrectly Clean the jam inside the base unit
Lack of proper electric connection Check or plug it correctly 
Assemble the cup or jar in wrong wayEnsure you place and operate them righteously
Placing the jar incorrectly try to assemble or place it copying the Ninja blender instructions 
Lock the lid in an improper wayMake sure you locked it on a proper way
why is my ninja blender single serve not working

So, these are the basic reasons your precious blender or mixer performs so weakly. Let us discuss them vividly. 

Connection Error

It’s just like every other connection problem you can imagine. But, the key difference is that it is specifically referring to the connection error during the working. Before starting the blender, make sure you’ve assembled it righteously. 


Again, it would be best not to use blender cups with the base slots to prevent motor interruptions once you start it. Also, keep an eye on ninja blender cup won’t lock usually. 

Assemble Problems 

As we have said, it is a kitchen mixer but engineered to help improve your working performance how it should. You will find many additives inside the blender. Here you need to follow the instructions tightly to avoid any unnecessary incidents. 

Fixes –

Most of the components of such a blender are designed very densely. That’s why you may often feel bothered to assemble them correctly. On your first attempts, try to stack blade components positioned righteously through the gaskets.

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Improperly Place The External Stuffs

As the name suggests, it is a liquid blender, and like every other blender, it is not very reliable. Remember this key point because it will come in handy later on. Naturally, you might get confused about assembling the stuff correctly. 

For this reason, ninja blender error codes might be shown on the number coat. Again, hard rotating, improper locking or placement, alignment difficulty with the handle are also responsible. 

Fixes- These things can happen to anyone. Do check and ensure that all the stuff there is in place righteously, and you connect them as tight as you can. Remember that the blender has a pitcher, which must have fitted on the main base with the proper connection of four locks. 

Lid Power Button Errors 

In simpler words, the blender lid can only be used to protect during working/mashing foods inside. It usually comes in a lid lock feature to minimize the chances of spilling. But when you found that the blender stop working only flashings. The problem may occur for locking the lid improperly. 


It has a metal finish that works less resistant to gravity than the car engine lid. Rubbery cover inside the lids makes a way to stay in place for a longer duration. Indeed, you must have locked the lid and pushed it down slowly to get rid of such issues. Overall, make sure you’re installing it properly.

Filthy Power Sources 

Filthy or incorrect power sources are the fifth from the list of ninja troubleshooting. Power sources ensure to generate proper electrical connection inside the blender. 

Filthy power sources are responsible for creating a blinking power button, metal-to-metal rubbing, and making sounds like starting the car, corrosion, and faulty circuit breaker. 

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All of this ninja blender troubleshooting will be well-known to express the blender longevity. Due to its many harmful effects, you need to check the power cord fast. Check the power connection by using another technical tool on the same cords.

If these issues remain unchanged, then consult any technicians to inquire about the circuit breaker. You may need to change any kind of stuff inside the breaker if the technician gives assurance about that. Keep trying to have your Ninja blender turn on afterward. More importantly, you may need to change the power cable if the problem is found there. 


Is there any reset button on the ninja blender?

No, you’ll never find any reset button on this blender. So you can not change or reset the blender, unlike others. 

Why is my ninja blender stuck on single-serve? 

Your ninja blender may be stuck on a single-serve for overheating, faults of internal thermal kinds of stuff, etc. That doesn’t mean that the blender is bad at all. Somewhere the problem may occur for improper assembly, lack of electronic connections, etc.  

Why is my ninja blender not bleeding? 

Attaching the pitch and lid improperly is the first reason behind this problem. Along with this, if each piece of the blender won’t secure properly, then it often stops bleeding.

Why is my ninja blender blinking? 

Your ninja blender becomes blinking if the two arrows are not situated correctly. It often gives you an alarm by flashing red light, freezing straight when turning on the power button. 

Bottom Line

To sum up, these above fixes are the problems of why the ninja blender single serve is not working as long as you get the solutions here in detail. Furthermore, It’s compulsory to clean the junk inside the blender once a week. 

In case if the mixer is still not working, it’s better to consult a ninja specialist. They will come to help you in this regard if they cannot find out the problem yet. It had better replace the old one with the new one. 

Check the warranty with the blender before replacing it. Most of the time, ninja officials provide their user free services for this. 

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