Can You Make Meringue in a Blender | Tips & Tricks

Can you make meringue in a blender? A delicious dessert can turn your bad mood into a happy mood. And if that is meringue, then there can be no such thing as good. But you will need to go out and buy it from the restaurant to eat.

After reading this article, you should not go to the restaurant for meringue. Here we will teach you how to make delicious meringue healthily at home. We will give some valuable tips that will make the meringue perfect.

And if you already know how to prepare meringue, then our tips can help you make it more perfectly. So, Let’s start without further ado.

can you make meringue in a blender

About Meringue

People claimed meringue was invented in the Swiss village of Meiringen. Then It was improved by an Italian chef named Gasparini. Meringue is a type of sweet and little bit bitter desert. This is a trendy dessert in French.

Meringue makes with egg white and sugar. Those are the typical ingredients; there are some others ingredients you will need to make meringue. If you can make it at home, it will be more fascinating.

Types of Meringue

There are different types of meringue. Some meringue tastes sweet and some beaten. The taste of meringue can be different according to the country:

· French meringue

· Italian meringue

· Swiss meringue

· Vegan meringue

Can You Make Meringue in a Blender?

Can meringue be made in a blender? If you want the answer in a single word, then I will say, “yeah you can.” Some people also ask, Can I use blender instead of mixer? Well, it’s possible

to make meringue in a blender. If you don’t like to use a blender, you can use other kitchen equipment to prepare the meringue.

Others Way to Meringue

Let’s know-how can you make meringue with other kitchen equipment’s:

Hand blender

Can you make meringue with a hand blender? Making meringue with a hand blender is possible, but the problem is it takes time. But if you want to use a hand blender, it is okay because the output will be the same as an electric blender.

Stick blender

Can you use a stick blender to make meringue? Yes, of course, you can. Stick blender is user-friendly, portable, and budget-friendly. You can whisk the egg with it very well.

Immersion Blender

Can I make meringue with an immersion blender? Immersion blender also can be used to make meringue. Its high speed helps to whip the eggs and sugar very well. So you can use this too.


Can you make meringue in a nutribullet? Nutribullet is a beautiful way to make meringue. It crushes the sugar very well, which helps to make the meringue so soft and mouthwatering.


How to make meringue with a fork? You can, but you have to beat the egg until the eggs white and sugar are combined well. So you will have to keep patience to make meringue with a fork.

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How to Make Meringue in a Blender

Here is the quick process to make your favorite dessert meringue. You will need few ingredients to make it. Let’s know what’s they are:

· Eggs

· Sugar

· Tartar cream

· Vinegar

· Lemon

· Vanilla

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The Process of Making Meringue

Here’s the details process to make meringue:

Take a clean dish

You know Its taste will be double when you make it healthily. For this reason, clean the dish very well where you are going to mix all the ingredients. It helps to keep the authentic taste of the meringue. It would be best when you clean with a bowl with vinegar or lemon juice.

Make the egg ready

Ensure the egg you are using is at room temperature before making meringue. Now separate the egg yolk from the egg. Cause we need the egg white. Now put the egg in blender. You can do this with your hand, but if you can, then you can use the gadget.

Add cream of tartar

To stabilizing the egg whites, add some salt and cream of tartar. The reason for mixing tartar cream is, it helps to preserve the constancy of egg whites. Some people asked, Can you make meringue without cream of tartar? The answer is yes. If you don’t like tartar or tartar is not available at home, you can use lemon juice instead.

Add sugar

Now add sugar with all the ingredients. If you could use powder sugar, it would be best. When you are making French meringue, it will take time. You will have to add sugar with a minimal amount into the mixture.

Make sure you have blend all the ingredients very well. In the meantime, add vanilla flavor, or you can use another flavor if you want. Blend all the things until you see the thick and glossy marshmallow consistency. When it’s done, stop blending.

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Tips for Making Your Meringue perfectly

For making better meringue keep those things in your mind:

· Use room temperature eggs

· Clean the mixing bowl very well

· Use the Secret ingredient, which is tartar cream

· The last thing is to give it time

Those are the things which can help you to make a meringue-like restaurant.


Can I use a blender instead of a mixer for the meringue?

Yes, you can use a blender instead of a mixer. But the difference is it would take time to be prepared. Otherwise, it is okay to use a blender.

Can you make meringue in a bullet blender?

The bullet blender’s blade is very Sharpe. So, you can use a bullet blender. It would help to prepared the meringue fast.


When you make meringue, you want it to be perfect. And the most crucial part of it is time. The more time you give, the more beautiful it will be. I hope you’ve got your answer about can your meringue in a blender?

Here we talk about every possible way to make meringue. We also give some tips for your convenience.

Hopefully, by reading this content, you have learned something essential and found something useful.

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