Trash Can VS Garbage Can | Choose the best one!

A waste container is a basic attachment in our kitchen or office. You keep all the household waste in the waste container and maintain a clean appearance at home. But it is more fundamental to think deeply about how you dispose of the waste can. 

People widely use trash cans, and garbage cans but the waste disposal method is different among them. So here we will enlighten the differences between trash can vs garbage can. With this observation, you can choose which waste container you should use. We also answered FAQs related to the subject. 

Why is it important? 

The garbage can is used to keep food waste or other organic waste. The garbage is taken to the waste-to-energy process. Here the waste burn and the emitted gas byproduct for generating heat and electricity. On the other hand, trash cans are directly sent to landfill sites where no recycling is consumed. 

Here you need to consider which waste disposal is suitable for the environment and earth. Comparing these two versions, you can know this fact. 

Trash Can VS Garbage Can: Comparison 

Throwing waste has been continuing forever. People should think about environmental impacts to keep the earth habitable for future generations. Below we point out the differences between these waste cans.  

  • Disposal system

The garbage can is also called garbage disposal which is a special machine. It diverts civil solid waste to the incineration process. This process uses thermal heating to burn and break all the waste. The gas is captured and byproduct to produce heat and electricity. Through this waste-to-energy facility, many homes can get enough power. 

Trash can means a metal or plastic container The trash cans are collected by many public and private companies and thrown into landfill sites. The landfill is the endpoint of municipal solid waste that can not be burned or recycled. The ash of the garbage disposal is also sent to the landfills. The intention of this method is to keep the environment clean and free from contaminants. 

trash can vs garbage can
trash can vs garbage can
  • Eco-friendly 

Landfills are a big source of environmental pollution. It is very hazardous for our earth. When all the trash is thrown into the landfill, soon bacteria grow from the organic waste that breaks the rubbish down. Finally, the waste turns into a leachate and gas form. 

The emitted gas is actually methane and greenhouse gas that is 25 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Leachate is a liquid form that is toxic and it pollutes lands, groundwater, and waterways. Moreover, other materials like plastic, PVC, electronic appliances are loaded with metal and acid. After breaking them down, they emit toxic leach chemicals that are very hazardous. 

Compared to a garbage can, it is safer than a trash can. It produces energy from the waste and reduces waste in the landfill. Moreover, the leftover waste after the incineration process, there will be less greenhouse gas and leach on the landfill site. Ultimately, if you want to choose eco-friendly waste disposal then garbage disposal is great. 

  • Convenience

Using a garbage can is a time-consuming process. You need to keep the organic waste separately and put them into the garbage disposal. It takes time to produce energy from the waste. 

The trash can is more convenient to use. You need to just store it until the trash hauler fetches them. Actually, it is a straightforward task. 

  • Hygiene 

Bacteria quickly grow on organic waste. Since all the waste is ground up and flashes into the garbage sewage system, it better tackles sanitary conditions. On the contrary, food waste in the trash can produces harmful bacteria and it also causes a bad odor.

  • Initial cost

You need to pay higher to buy and maintain the garbage can. Also, it needs the power to run the garbage disposal. Averagely, a garbage disposal unit costs $50 to $300. You need to spend more to maintain the tool. As it is an electronic machine, there is always a chance of part failure and clogs on the tubes. So you may need to repair it frequently. Lastly, the garbage disposal lasts 10 to 12 years and you have to change it after the period. Overall, the initial cost is higher. 

Buying a trash can is cheaper than garbage disposal. You will get a fancy trash can for under $50. So the initial costs are very low. There is no expense to maintain it. The lasting time is also extended. With proper maintenance, you can use a metal trash can lifetime. 

  • Transportation 

Trash can needs transportation to driven on the landfill location. Transportation costs extra and the vehicle gas pollutes the environment. In the case of a garbage disposal or can, it is placed in the backyard of the houses, and you don’t need any transportation. 

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Different types of waste bins

Garbage can are only used to keep food and organic waste and trash can is suitable for all sorts of waste. Mainly, you can see 3 types of trash bins in public places, homes, and other places. The green trash can is used for organic waste that includes food waste, paper, and paper board. This waste is picked up by trash removal services and processed to make fertilizer.

The other type is a recycled waste bin that comes in blue, orange, or black color. These are non-biodegradable that convert into a reusable material. Glass, metal, and plastic are in this category. Lastly, E-waste which becomes a major issue in recent years. Electronic devices, computers, smartphones, etc. are in this category. 

Trash can Garbage can
Convenient to useGreener waste disposal
Plastic and glass can disposeNo transportation is needed
Zero maintenanceMore hygienic option
Lasts longer than a garbage canNo bad odor and toxin
Trashes are dumped into the landfill and it creates methane and greenhouse gas. Need to spend more on maintenance. 
Less hygienicCan not dispose of plastic and glass. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 3 types of trash cans?

The main three types of trash cans are used for organic, recycled, and e-waste material. If you maintain these trash can you can better maintain the household waste.   

What does red trash can mean?

Red trash cans are used to dispose of bulbs and lights. In this era, there is a huge number of bulb waste which can be hazardous. If you dispose of them in the right way, they can be recycled. 

What is the purpose of the trash can?

Trash can are designed to keep the environment clean. But the waste is disposed of the landfill sites which is more harmful to the environment and earth. 

Final Words

In this comparison article on trash can vs garbage can, you will understand which waste disposal will be beneficial to the environment. The importance of garbage can is excellent. You can save your earth from pollution. But the initial cost may hurt your pocket. 

The trash can causes greenhouse gas and methane that increases pollution. Though it is convenient and cheap, you should care about nature. But there is a way of three bins. If you dispose of the household waste separately in three bins, you can save the earth. 

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