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Whenever it’s time to renew the bathroom or kitchen, faucets are the most necessary parts. And whenever you look for the faucets, the two names will come on the top: Delta and Kohler. Both faucet brands offer an outstanding range of quality products for bathrooms and kitchens. Many people prefer their faucets for a fantastic performance. 

However, it is really fuzzy when deciding is Delta or Kohler faucets better. That’s why we have made a comparison article about these two brands so that we can compare the common facts and find out which one is right for investing. 

About Delta & Kohler

Before buying any product, people often search about the brand’s reputation and overall view. So here you can know about these two popular brands.  

  • Delta: 

Delta Faucet Company is a well-known brand around the world and they have been trending since 1954. They have been produced an impeccable range of bathroom and kitchen faucets and other accessories in different price ranges. 

Delta company has a sub-brand named Brizo that designed luxury products. Their faucets follow eco-friendly design with classic aesthetics. This premium brand first comes with touch and hands-free faucets which get big success. Since Delta faucets offer innovative, best-looking faucets, one has to spend more for getting them. 

  • Kohler: 

Kohler has entered the plumbing fixture industry in 1873 and it is considered the oldest faucets company in the world. This brand also offers a fantastic range of bathroom and kitchen products with an innovative touch. 

Kohler constantly has engaged in developing their faucets technology and in reality, they are crowning achievements. Their outstanding products truly increase the quality of life of the consumers. 

Is Delta Or Kohler Faucets Better?

Decoratingw your bathroom and kitchen can be a challenging task. Both companies have earned a reputation for perfection in their products. But here we are comparing different facts between their products to find which one is better.  

Product Varieties

If you want to give a unique look to your bathroom and kitchen, you may prefer the brand that offers a complete product range. Thankfully, these two brands Delta and Kohler offer a wide variety of products so that you can easily find your best-suited products. Their products will naturally be matched whether your home’s interior design is. 


Typically, Delta offers budget-priced faucets with innovative functionality. Many prefer this brand for its affordable price range. However, you can find luxury options from their sub-brand Brizo faucets. If you really want to spare cash for luxury options, then Brizo is the best alternative. Mainly, Brizo provides eco-friendly and more innovative designs that hold a tag of aesthetics. They offer unique and different styles that can be a great compliment to your home decor.

From Delta, you can get different faucet styles like pull-out, pull-down, standard spout, tall/high arc, laundry, bar/prep, pot filler, and beverage. 


In terms of product varieties, Kohler offers a fantastic range of luxury styles. Mainly, Kohler faucets are for those consumers who want premium and high-end faucets. So the product range is limited for those who are strict on a budget.  

However, you have money to spare, Kohler is the best choice. They offer the finest faucets on the market. They have many product styles like spray, touchless, single-lever tap, pull-down, pull-out, two-handle tap, bridge, and pot filler taps.

Verdict: While considering product range, Delta offers more product varieties than Kohler. Whether you want luxury or budget-friendly, you can get something from this brand. On the other hand, Kohler only offers premium and high-end faucets. 

  • Quality

Whenever buying a new product like kitchen or bathroom faucets, you must want decent quality. You never want a faucet that will be leaked or damaged in a couple of month’s usage. Moreover, both brands offer a wide range of faucet finishes and they are long-lasting. So you have tension-free usage.  


Delta is the first choice of many plumbers around the world because of its unique design and functionality. Their impressive selection of faucets also combines the durability that is incredible for the price range. 

Delta features a SpotShield technology that keeps the faucets free from stains. Taps quickly get mineral rust over time. But this technology prevents antibacterial action and keeps faucets clean and bacteria-free. Moreover, their faucets are rust-resistant so you can shop with ease. 


Kohler faucets come with top-notch technology. It provides the best functionality and a high level of quality. Since their faucets are designed for the premium market, their quality of material and functions are outstanding. 

Though Kohler products have a higher price range, there is a perfect balance between the price and quality. The durability and lifespan of their faucets are satisfying. They last for decades and sometimes a whole lifetime.  

Verdict: Both brands provide impressive faucets of decent quality. Still, Kohler wins in quality. Their materials and general quality are incredible. While buying Kohler faucets, you have to pay more than the Delta option but the quality shows the value. 


The technology of faucets is constantly developing to spice up your bathroom and kitchen. Delta and Kohler also try to bring new and innovative faucets to improve their usage. Technology is more shown through faucet designs. 


Delta is one of the major brands that brings innovation in the plumbing fixtures and consumers happily accept it. Delta’s most popular technology is the SpotShield technology which ensures the faucets don’t pick up fingerprints and smudges. So they stay in spotless condition for a long time and save the time that you spend scrubbing your taps. 


Kohler is a popular brand in the world for its response to touchless technology. The operation is wonderful without messing with the stiff handles. If you simply pass your hands under the faucet, water will automatically switch on. This is the finest technology that a faucet ever had. 

Kohler also adds a unique boost function to their faucets. This technology is great and offers extra power by boosting water flow. You can easily remove stains using the water flow and it also helps to control the water bills. You can also find faucet wands with different spray patterns. 

Verdict: in the case of innovation Kohler provides the best faucets out there. If you want a modern and innovative feel in the kitchen or bathroom, Kohler is the best choice. 


Price is the biggest consideration while buying a faucet for the bathroom and kitchen. Both Delta and Kohler offer different faucets in various price ranges. You can find premium and affordable options from both brands. So whether your budget, you will find something from both brands. 


Delta is known for its budget-friendly faucets. If you have a small budget, still, you can buy Delta faucets with most functions. Or if you want high-end faucets, you can buy their premium brand Brizo. 


Kohler faucets are the most innovative faucets and are rich in technology. So the price of their faucets is relatively higher than in Delta. If you are lucky to spend enough money in Kohler, you will get high-quality faucets. 


In pricing, Delta gives the best options both in the cheap and higher price ranges. If you want to buy Kohler faucets, then you have to pay higher than Delta.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Which faucets are better Kohler or Delta?

Kohler and Delta both produce impressive faucets. But in terms of material quality and innovation, Kohler is better than Delta.

Are Delta and Kohler the same?

Nope. Delta and Kohler are different brands and established by different owners. 

What Brand of faucets do plumbers recommend?

Most plumbers recommend using Delta faucets for the bathroom and kitchen. Because the function, durability, and price range are worthy for the consumers. 

Which faucet brand is best?

From various brands, Kohler and Delta are considered the best faucet brands. Because of affordability, many people prefer Delta as the best faucet brand. 

Final Words

After comparing Delta and Kohler, it is clear that both brands are impressive with their unique functions. With a tight budget, you can go for Delta and buy durable faucets. If you are thinking to add a more modern aesthetic to your bathroom and kitchen, then you can buy faucets from Kohler. 

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