Moen Motionsense Vs Delta Touch2o

Faucets are one of the most necessary things in the kitchen. They not only lessen the workload of the kitchen but also increase the beauty of the kitchen interior. But it is not an easy task to choose the perfect faucet for your kitchen among different available models in the market.  Especially Moen and Delta, two leading faucets nowadays in the market. 

 In the market, Moen and Delta have been competing for a long time and their top-class features make them popular among customers. Delta is young compared to Moen brands, but still their faucets are amazing with modern technologies. 

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To know more about these two faucets, hop into our article of  Moen Motionsense Vs Delta Touch2o  and choose the best for you. 

Moen Motionsense Vs Delta Touch2o: Side By Side Comparison

Left-handed kitchen faucet, best 3-hole kitchen faucet, MOEN MOTIONSENSE VS DELTA TOUCH2O: Which is best? So many questions driving you crazy? 

Well, take a deep breath. Here we will give you a complete idea of Moen and Delta Kitchen faucets. Then let’s get started-


Ales Manoogian is the founder of Delta. In 1954 he introduced a single-handle faucet which is based on a ball valve. 

On the other hand, Moen’s inventing history is interesting. In 1937, Moen burned his hand on two-handed faucets. Later he was successful in finding a solution by inventing a faucet in 1939. Now his faucets are ruling the marketplace. 


Material is an important factor that increases the lifespan of any faucet. 

The Delta Touch2o comes up with Brass, which is a combination of Zinc and Copper. It is durable and long-lasting. On the Contrary, Moen has a metal body with a bronze finish. It makes Moen durable. 

Both of the faucets are designed flawlessly. 


Installation of both Delta and Moen are simple but Delta is a little bit ahead of Moen. 

The installation process of Delta Touch2o is simple if you are working in a tight or congested place. On the other hand, Moen’s installation is also easy, but if the distance between the supply line and the wall is small, it is quite challenging to install. 


There is a slight difference in the activation process between Delta and Moen faucets. 

In most of the kitchen faucets, Moen uses MotionSense™ and they give you the option of what you want to use equipment between – one sensor or two sensors. One sensor faucets are easy to use and you can turn them on or off by waving your hands. If you use two sensor faucets, you can do several chores without touching the faucet. 

On the other hand, Delta does pretty much the same as  Moen. The only difference is that you have to touch anywhere on the faucet to activate. 


The flow rate is also an important factor of kitchen faucets. The water flow rate for Delta per minute is 1.8 gallons whereas it is 1.5 gallons for Moen. The rate control and stream pressure are maintained well in Moen kitchen faucets. 


In terms of daily cleaning and maintenance, Delta is impressive. Delta’s clean-spray holes are amazing, even in the hard water area. Though the maintenance cost of both the faucets is quite similar. 


Both of the faucets spray well in high pressure. Delta comes up with a technology of shield spray which increases water flow. On the other hand,it is a power-cleaning spray mechanism for Moen faucets. 


A docking mechanism is essential for faucets. Moen comes with reflex docking which makes it comfortable to move at any time. On the other hand, Delta comes with a magnetic docking mechanism. 


Both Delta and Moen feature deck mounting. They come with 3-hole mounting and single-hole mounting. 


Proper finishing of your faucet gives an elegant look in your kitchen. Delta Faucets have a stainless steel finish with spot resisting facilities. On the other hand, Moen has a bronze finish. But Moen is also available with chromed finish, oil-rubbed bronze finish and many more. 

To know more, look forstainless steel vs chrome faucet. 


Warranty is limited for both Moen and Delta. But it is a matter of fact that Moen’s warranty doesn’t cover the damage


Both of the faucets have zero problems with their supply lines. But Moen is a little bit ahead of Delta as they are more flexible to use and work with. 


If you expose both of the faucets at high pressure, such as 800+ psi, then there is a high possibility of leakage in both of the faucets. But Delta faucets will have more damage than Moen. 

Well, we tried to give all necessary details aboutMoen Motionsense Vs Delta Touch2o. So before going to the final verdict, let us look at some related FAQs.


Are Delta Faucets Better Than Moen?

There is no simple answer to this question. For getting a better faucet, instead of focusing on the brand, consider what type you want and what is your budget. If you want a budget-friendly faucet, then Delta is best. And for technology-based, Moen is a good option to choose. 

What Is Touch2o?

If you have messy hands, then the Touch2o feature of Delta is a great help. If you simply touch anyplace in the spout of the kitchen faucet grip with your wrist or just only with your forearm, it  generates  water flow. This is an advanced technology of Delta faucets.

Which Is Better Touch Or Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

When you need water immediately, without any mess, then a touchless kitchen faucet is perfect. Though many people prefer touch kitchen faucets over touchless ones. Because, in touch faucets, you don’t have to turn on or off the flow of water by motion. Only a simple touch is enough.

Does Delta Make A Touchless Kitchen Faucet?  

Yes, delta makes stylish touchless kitchen faucets.  Delta Trinsic Pull Down Bar Faucet is one of the stylish touchless kitchen faucets of Delta.  This faucet is best with LED lights.

Final Verdict

Did you find Moen Motionsense Vs Delta Touch2o useful? We have decided to share all the necessary details about these two faucets. Have you decided which faucet among these two you will buy? 

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If you have a low budget but still want a good technology-based Faucet, then Delta Touch2o is best for you. Because they have a diverse product range at a lower price. 

If you like a faucet having advanced technology, then Moen Motionsense is there for you. You will get convenient touchless operation and hand-free operation facilities. 

Well, whether you choose any of the two you won’t regret it. Because both of the faucets are best with their features and functionalities. So which one is best? The answer is, the best faucet depends on your preference and taste. 

So our final verdict is, to choose any faucet among these two considering which type you prefer and on your budget. That’s all for faucets. Have a good day!